Where to use?

» Residential Properties

» Hotels & Restaurants

» Nursing Homes

» Hospitals and GP Surgeries

» Laboratories

» Food Factories

» Offices & Warehouses

» Swimming Pools

» Fitness Clubs

» Schools & Nurseries

» Community Centres

» Any Indoor Smoking Areas

» Laundries

» Cars

» Pollen Environments

» Areas Affected by Chemicals

» All Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Benefits of our services?

» Removes the smell of cooking, such as fried fish and curry

» Removes unpleasant odours

» Removes smells from cats, dogs and other pets

» Freshen up the bedding i.e. after flues, colds and fevers

» Removes cigarette smells from curtains, upholstery and from a room filled with smoke

» Removes paint smells after decorating

» Removes the spores that cause damp

» Removes the smell of dead vermin i.e. decaying rodents

» Removes the smell of urine from toilets and other areas

» And most importantly… kills ALL bacteria naturally with no detergents being used! This includes E-coli and MRSA. 

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